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Leonard’s Town – a wonderful, hand-drawn city by G. Wochlik

Leonards Town 17k_part

Once more, a detailed hand-drawn project has been added to the Urban Geofiction collection: Leonard’s Town. It is a small city that plays an important role for logistics and transportation. Also, the characters chosen for the map are very interesting. …
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New project Zuverdam by R. Hokwerda

Zuverdam map (hand-drawn)

There are many different ways of creating fictional city maps, both for hand-drawn maps and those drawn on a computer. Here’s a wonderful new hand-drawn example, also with a very individual and inspiring style: Zuverdam bei Renno Hokwerda. Take a …
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The maps of Tiberiu Chelcea

Cities Deep in the Valley

Have a look at these nice maps and find out what’s the special idea behind them: Tiberiu Chelcea’s map collection “The starting point for these maps is found in the shapes and contours of printed circuit boards and other electronic …
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A new project by O. Reading: Ekered (Fundlen)

Ekered Centre

Wow, this is amazing imaginary mapping stuff once more. You must definetely have a look! Owen Reading made a wonderful map of the city of Ekered, including a perfectly styled transport map. Also, he made a beautiful map of the …
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Alcassa: A new city within the Urban Geofiction collection

Alcassa Map, part 4

Alcassa is a city imagined by Elis Griffiths, UK. It is the capital city of the nation of Ketland and has about one million inhabitants. Have a look at the detailed hand-drawn map parts and enjoy the colourful names of …
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New addition to the collection: Tilia by B. Huguet


Once more, a very impressive, hand-drawn map was added to the Urban Geofiction collection: Tilia by B. Huguet. It includes many interesting details. There’s a map of the tramway network and a depiction of the coat of arms as well. …
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Figurative maps by J. T. Turbio


Well, this is another special way of making fictional maps: From a distance, you see a drawing of a tree, a human head or heart. And when you look closer, you see that it’s actually a black and white map, …
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New city centre map for Pinscher

Pinscher City Centre Map

There’s a nice addition to the wonderful project Pinscher by Owen Reading (UK) now: the large-scale city centre map. Have a look at all the interesting details like tram tracks and stops, POIs like cafes and restaurants and even public …
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Adolf Loos: Alternate Plan for the Vienna Ringstraße (1912)

Superposition of both the real situation in 1912 an Loos' alternative

In 1912, the Austrian architect Adolf Loos developed an alternate plan for the Vienna Ringstraße, as he was not satisfied with the “results” he saw in the beginning of the 20th century – starting from the situation in 1859, when …
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Mirages of the past: alternate histories for Bangalore – by Surasti Puri


Today, the new section of “Urban Variations” was added to the Urban Geofiction website. Surasti Puri’s diploma project “Mirages of the past” is the first project presented in this category. It describes three different histories for Bangalore (India): the real …
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